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The Light Sculpture Forms in Nature

If you are an arts fan, you probably are not a stranger of the art of Darwinist Ernst Haeckel, therefore you will find this light sculpture we intend to share with you today quite familiar. Using the intense light in the center of the artwork, it gets to transform the room it is situated in, and it adds some character to it, the artwork managing to throw fascinating shadows onto the walls of that room. These light sculptures are inspired from the detailed plots drawn by Ernst Haeckel. From the sculptures you can notice that Hilden & Diaz are also passionate with mirrorings. This is how we are now able to enjoy these roots arranged around the light source that are meant to lead the viewer onto the notion of underworld versus a real world. As the light increases, the walls turn into reckless shadows of bushes, gnarled trees and branches. Adjusting the lights, the viewer can even get the feeling of this warming fire in the middle of the woods.
Source[Forms in Nature]