The Superpop Series by Miniforms is Made from Recycled plastic.

The Superpop Series by Miniforms is Made from Recycled Plastic


Having a coffee table in a living room is both a lifesaver and an elegant way of decorating. If you are looking for a practical and decluttered living room, you should have a coffee table that will be the centerpiece of your room. Once you have completed your furniture, such as the sofa, bookshelves, TV unit, and decorative pieces, you are ready to place your coffee table where it belongs. What is more important about coffee tables is their uniqueness and functionality. The Miniforms company revealed a perfect design called Superpop.

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Let us give you more information about why Superpop is the perfect design. The overall design of the tables is elegant. But on the other hand, the Superpop tables are sustainable. The designer, Paolo Cappello, used recycled polyethylene to create the tables. It is a great example of sustainable art! We are in the 21st century, and we must follow which companies create sustainable solutions for our world.

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The Process of Creating Sustainable Tables

How Miniforms manufactures Superpop from plastic waste is simple. At first, the plastic to be used is sorted. The next step is to melt the waste at a low temperature, which reduces its environmental impact. Later in this process, the company adds colors to the melted plastic. The last step is to give it shape! See, no additional plastic is used!

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The Superpop tables have terrazzo-like and colorful surfaces that attract the attention of many users. We mentioned above that these sustainable tables are functional. Here is why: you can use the tables as coffee tables, side tables, or stools. As the material is durable, the tables will probably stay in your home for a long time.

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The original intention of creating the Superpop series was to state that sustainable furniture solutions do not have to be boring or neutral-colored. All you need to do is find the optimum raw material to recycle and use your creativity.


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