Things I Have Drawn

Things I Have Drawn: Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings


It is great to see how parents engage with their kids. Thanks to the internet, we have the chance to discover new methods, great activities, and many more. Tom Curtis is the father of two handsome boys. What makes Tom and his kids special is their website, Things I Have Drawn. On this website and his social media accounts, Tom has been sharing the drawings of kids and the Photoshop versions of these drawings.

a photoshopped eagle



Let us give you some more details. Tom is really good at photoshopping. And his kids, Dom and Al, are very creative at drawing animals. The website Things I Have Drawn aims to show how it would be if the kids’ drawings were real. According to the statement that Tom shared, the project was started as a fun activity between Dad and his sons. But later, the project drew great attention from around the world. Parents started sharing their kids’ drawings, and Tom keeps photoshopping.

Little, skinny pony



More about the Things I Have Drawn


Things I Have Drawn has created hundreds of projects of creatures, people, vehicles, and many different types of objects. The website and Instagram account are quite active. The followers of the page are loyal as well. The Instagram account for the page has almost 1 million followers.

A weird and wonderful drawing by 6 year old Beatrice



Things I have Drawn is not a place to check for new photoshopped images. You can also buy some stuff created from the kids’ drawings. The company has been selling t-shirts, mugs, calendars, pillows, magnets, and many other products that you might be interested in.

Things you can buy on Things I Have Drawn


Moreover, the Things I Have Drawn team has a book named Things I Have Drawn. You can buy the printed or Kindle version on Amazon. It would be great to have reading time with your kid. The drawings in the book belong to Dom and Al. We are sure you will enjoy both the website and the book.