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Tiny Scooter That Looks Like a Laptop You Can Ride

Many people struggle with mobility issues as they reach old age. There are several challenges that can come by with age or ailments that make it impossible for one to walk normally or to cover distances that are easily covered by healthy and young individuals. Among the several walking and transportation aids that are designed for disabled and old people, the tiny personal transporter walkcar by Cocoa Motors surely takes the cake. This portable device for transportation not only provides a means for self transportation, but also allows individuals to handle the lightweight transportation device.

The personal transporter is called “walkcar” by the company and it is a small and motorized gadget that can be fitted into a bag and taken around town. At the same time the transporter is four wheeled and can carry weight load of 265 pounds. It can travel at a maximum speed of ten kph for a total distance of twelve kilometers when it is fully charged. All one needs to do is simply lean the body towards the direction one wishes to travel towards and it will move. The design is being finalized upon and might be a great help to several disabled and older people in giving them a sense of freedom and independence.