Traffic Lights Rainbow


Have you ever heard of ”Paradise Fears”? This is a band represented by a group of six young boys from South Dakota. The band was formed when the guys were somewhere around the age of 17, back in 2006, but the things got serious sometime around 2011. The boys recall having shows in their hometown, that anyone could attend for supporting them, each person in the crowd knowing the songs and singing along.

Well, Lucas Zimmermann, the photographer, is not the same person as Lucas Zimmermann the member of this group. Lucas Zimmermann, the German photographer, has captured an extraordinary image in a foggy night on a road in the town of Weimar. Lucas, an enthusiast photographer, was driving through a fairly dense night fog when he stopped to pose these traffic lights, which spread their light like a rainbow in the mist.

This extraordinary picture was taken with a Cannon 5D Mark II camera, and Lucas had to wait longer until the area was not passed by any car, so that it does not affect that particular picture he took later.