Treehouse Men Flyer

Legendary and sought-after treehouse artisan Pete Nelson, who has designed and built exquisite treehouses everywhere from Morocco to Ibiza to Japan to the Pacific Northwest, has partnered with a major cable network to create a one of a kind docuseries chronicling the creation of treehouse masterpieces. 

The opportunity to be a part of this exciting project – and, in the process, to have a magnificent treehouse built on your own property – is coming soon. Whether your wish is to create an imagination station playhouse for your children high in the air (J.K Rowling just built a treehouse castle for her kids!), to install a tranquil yoga studio/spa for pampering and exclusive relaxation, or a gentleman’s retreat, complete with leather chairs, mahogany and cigar humidors, Pete Nelson and his superlative team can deliver. Taking full advantage of this brief offer will guarantee that Pete will both prioritize your project, deliver perks, and make sure you get a treehouse that will make you the envy of everyone in your zip code.

Note: You MUST own the property, and have existing trees large enough to hold at least a 200 sq ft home.  Homeowners will be required to cover the cost of the treehouse, although they will receive a HUGE discount on the cost, additional perks and also get the amazing design expertise of world renowned Treehouse Designer Pete Nelson!

If you can dream it, Pete can build it.

If you are looking to add a treehouse work of art to one of your properties, please reach out to Meghan McDaniel Brown within the next three weeks with your name, contact info and brief description of your dream treehouse!
Contact: Meghan McDaniel Brown
Casting Director
STILETTO Television
O: 310-957-5757 x281