”Turn Off the World” Bed


What would your oppinion be on sleeping in a bed surrounded by a visual and sound barrier all around the matress? Thid you ever thought about a bed as cozy, warm and welcoming as a nest? Well, there is someone who did think about all of this: the designers from Lago, an italian furniture manufacturer are introducing to us the Col-Letto Bed. These guys thought about the turtleneck sweaters they probably wear in the winter, and they applied the same system to this “soft foam” that is flexible and wrapped around the mattress like a ring. This ring can be rolled or unrolled like that turtleneck. The bed is taking different forms acording on the position of this ring that you can let open, partially open or fully closed for an intimate feeling. This is an orthopedic bed base with stretch monochrome fabric lining and it has removable covers.