Turning Boring Toilet Into A Magical Place with Sketches


What you see in front of you is the sketches and drawings by Roza, a designer at the Shavova. She has a clothing line dedicated to her name and uses her sketches predominantly on scarves from Shavova. Given that she makes a lot of sketches, and there are many drawings left over with her, she decided to put them to good use and what you see is the result of those efforts.

She transformed the toilet in her house. To start with she just took the sketches lying around and glued them onto the walls of the toilet at random places. Then she drew more sketches to connect these so that they all look like one connected painting. She admits that she had a lot of trouble working on the paper which was bubbling and also the varnish where the ink was smudging. However once the sketch was completed, it was then easier to finish and fix up any gaps.

And the hard work did pay up well. The room, which also happens to be one of the important in the house, is now looking squeaky and fun. A transformation that will leave you falling in love with the toilet!