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Unusual and Creative Beach Towels

Collection of the unusual and creative Beach Towels.
Magazine Beach Towel

Sand Towel: This clever towel was created as a part of an advertisement to promote the travel insurance.It will cover and protect your valuables when you go swimming.
Awareness Message Beach Towel: This unconventional shaped beach towel was created as a part of an ambient advertisement to raise awareness to avoid being excessively in the sun. 
Towel With A Message This creative towel creates awareness and reminds you to be careful during the summer and avoid being excessively in the sun.  
Face Towel: It ends any possible confusion about which side to use. 
Beach Bag Towel: This creative beach bag can transform into a towel or a beach mat; designed by Maison Martin Margiela.  
Measuring Towel: A clever towel designed by Changduk Kim & Jinsoo Jeon allows you to measure your waist.  

Wearable Towel: This cool towel can be worn either in a tunic style or in a toga style. 
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Company: Axe   Agency: Lowe Mena, Dubai