Weirdest Sleeping Bags


Shark Attack Sleeping Bag

 It’s actually called the “ChumBuddy” and it was created by 19 year old design wondergenius Kendra Phillips.

The ChumBuddy sleeping bag is 7 feet tall, hand sewn and is filled with 30 pounds of human tissue soft fill. It’s $199 but can you really put a price on awesomeness? I guess you can and it’s just shy of 2 bills. At least shipping is free.[link]


Selk Bags are a sleeping bag that has been made into a comfortable suit. [link]

Bear Sleeping Bag

The ‘Great Sleeping Bear’ was designed by Amsterdam artist Eiko Ishizawa as a one-off art piece, but due to high demand it can now be ordered from his website for 2,100 euros (£1,853).The bag can be ordered from Eiko’s website – eikoishizawa

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