Wide Path Bicycle Camper – Satisfyingly Smooth ‘Protractor-Like’ Folding Design


The Wide Path Bicycle Camper has a satisfyingly smooth ‘protractor-like’ folding design and provides a comfortable bed for up to 2 people. Taking less than 3 minutes to get it fully ready for camping, its “unique shape and hardshell exterior provide a cozy secure feeling inside and a safe place to store your belongings”.

With comfort and storage clearly in mind, the Wide Path Camper is equipped with a dining table (50cm x 75cm), cushions, a bed size of 90cm by 200cm and 300 liters of storage space under the bed at all times. The height inside the camper is 142cm, which is comfortable for sitting. When unfolded, the cabin itself is 285cm long and 97cm wide.

Marketed as “mobile tiny houses” which you can deploy in “urban, suburban and natural spaces”, the wide path camper lets you dine, relax and camp in style.