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Wooden Design Bicycle Caravan

Made of a more classic, wooden design, this bicycle caravan is advertised as easy to set up and stabilize. It has a large door and plenty of space to allow for comfortable living. The cabin can fit a mattress up to 210cm in length and there are shelves and storage spaces which can accommodate up to 120 litres.

More impressively, this mini caravan comes with its own kitchenette containing a fridge and table. The designer has even allocated a space for storing utensils. A mini solar panel is what powers the light and electrical devices so there’s no need to worry about running out of batteries. During the day, a turning circular window can be used to let in light and fresh air.

Despite all of the accessories on board, the bicycle camper’s agile and streamlined design allows for easy peddling. It is sure to turn heads as you cycle with it through the town on your way to or from your camping trip!