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Yeo Seo Koo designed his groundbreaking innovation, the Carry On, for functionality purposes for travelers.

Yeo Seo Koo Designed the Perfect Bottle for Your Trips

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Traveling, staying over, or changing your life for a short period of time is great. But packing, especially the toiletry sets, can be a nightmare sometimes. You need to find a small, non-leaking bottle for travel. But the designer Yeo Seo Koo can save your life with the detachable shampoo bottle.

Yeo Seo Koo designed his groundbreaking innovation, the Carry On, for functionality purposes for travelers. Some of the distinctive properties of this travel bottle design can be summarized as follows:



detachable mini container design for travel

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Compact and Convenient Toiletry Set

The Carry-On introduces a novel approach to travel with its compact design. This design features a travel organizer bottle that is ingeniously integrated with a standard-sized shampoo bottle. It offers a seamless travel solution.

In addition, the mini bottle for shampoo can be easily refilled and carried in your toiletry bag. So, being one of the best toiletry sets, the Carry On eliminates the need for purchasing separate travel-sized bottles.



Award-Winning Design Among Travel Bottles

As a recipient of the prestigious Asia Design Prize, Carry On’s design excellence is undeniable. One liter in volume, Yeo Seo Koo designed the travel bottles for shampoo with a built-in handle that cleverly houses a 50-ml travel mini bottle.

This innovative use of what would otherwise be wasted space in the handle design demonstrates a smart and efficient approach to product design.

HDPE bottle with handle


Eco-Friendly and Economical

The Carry-On bottle design is not just about convenience; it is also eco friendly. By providing a reusable mini travel shampoo bottles bottle that fits perfectly within the larger bottle s handle, it promotes the reuse of plastic containers. In addition, this design of travel size bottles reduces the need for purchasing additional travel shampoo and conditioner bottles.



Enhanced User Experience

Carry On enhances the user’s experience by allowing them to bring their favorite shampoo along on trips without compromise. The 50-ml travel-size bottles are thoughtfully sized for short trips.



Ingenious Integration and Aesthetic Appeal

Lastly, the design of the Carry On cleverly utilizes the negative space of the larger bottle handle to accommodate the mini bottle. So, the design showcases an ingenious integration that is both functional and visually appealing. Additionally, the mini bottle round shape, reminiscent of a bar of soap, creates an immediate association with travel items.


detachable mini bottle


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