How to Make Tardis Murphy Bed – DIY

Are you a big fan of the iconic TV show doctor who? Do you remember the setting of the show and how everything had its own quirk? The furniture displayed in the series was loved by everybody and almost every […]


Off Grid Wooden Nomad Carriage Cottage

In case you are planning a romantic getaway with your beau or spouse then you are at the right place. Spending a romantic weekend or holiday with the one you love will help in bonding together and knowing each other […]


Beautiful House made of Mud and Wood

Having a beautiful and nicely designed home is the dream of most people; homes are the biggest prerequisites to live a comfortable life. If you are one of those people who love traditional homes, there is something is store for […]

Awesome Rotating Sink has Cutting Board, Colander and More

Awesome Rotating Sink has Cutting Board, Colander and More

This awesome rotating sink  designed by Kitchen + Bath Artisans which is a full service design firm. Beside specializing in  kitchen and bath design. they  offer architectural and interior design for residential and commercial projects. Tim Odom, leader of Kitchen […]


Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive

We are talking about a great project that took 10 long years for the final product. We are talking about the Cedar Anderson’s project here. He has been raising honeybees for decades with his father Stuart and he has been […]


Train Like Planter Made From Old Crates To Adorn Your Garden

Most people love to upgrade from an apartment to a home with a garden as the touch of outdoors makes all the difference in the quality of one’s lives. However, even if one does not like to live in a […]


How To Make a Flower Pot Tandoor Oven- DIY

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Then you will definitely love this Flower Pot Tandoor Oven. Are you a big fan of Indian food? Then this project is for you. In a few steps, you can be done with your Indian […]


Sleep In A Transparent Capsule In Peru’s Sacred Valley And Embrace The Valley!

Have you been to this sacred valley in Peru? Well, you should sleep in a transparent capsule on top of this valley to add another meaning to your life! Mark our words your trip to this mountain is going to […]