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Unusual and Creative Beach Towels

Collection of the unusual and creative Beach Towels. Magazine Beach TowelSand Towel: This clever towel was created as a part of an advertisement to promote the travel insurance.It will cover and protect your valuables when you go swimming.Awareness Message Beach Towel: This unconventional shaped beach towel was created as a part of an ambient advertisement to raise awareness to avoid being excessively in the sun. Announcement Beach...

12 Unusual Taxis from all over the World

Collection of 12 unusual taxis from around all over the world.We all usually use the same boring taxis everywhere, but some of photos which shows there much different types of taxis around the world. Some of them look nothing like a taxi cab we are used to, but that’s what makes it interesting.Enjoy these crazy taxis and choose your...

3D Street Art

Hell in London by streetpainterCollection of 7 amazing street paintingSky HDTV at Waterloo… by streetpainterFishing in Old Shanghai   by streetpainterImaginit display in Las Vegasby streetpainterTitania Encantado in Burgosby streetpainterPhaeton in Salamancaby streetpainterEurostar in Belgiumby streetpainter All rights reserved by ownerYo may also like Street painting on canvas and 18 Creative Sand Art

Cool Capsule Hotel

A capsule hotel is a type of hotel, developed in Japan, that features a large number of extremely small "rooms" (capsules) intended to provide cheap and basic overnight accommodation for guests not requiring the services offered by more conventional hotels.You may also like :Mobile Hotel, The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel, Underwater Hotel, Full Moon RisingFor more information

Creative and Interesting Billboards

Collection of creative and interesting  Billboards

10 Unusual and Stylish Chandeliers

Collection of  10 Unusual and  Stylish Chandeliers.A stylish chandelier that will show the absolutely cool accent when you are decorating your room, This chandelier is made from many crystal that shaped like lion or ship etc. Because its made from crystals, the light that provided by this stunning chandelier is very shimmering because it diffused by the glow crystals....

Sylfer’s Stylish Accessories Part 1

Collection of crative and stylish accessories.They were-used vintage buttons of '60s/'70s! and Sylfer has adapt them into earrings and two necklace.The concept is to use something of our past and make it live again..wearing it!Earring Swith PearlsFlower Shaped EarringGold Flower Earring-1Gold Flower Earring-2Flower Earringslace Button Earring.If you liked this accessories, leave comment please.

Tree Houses

Collection of creative Tree Houses.via Lovely HappeningsBeach Rock Treehouse Perched high in the forest of Okinawa is a unique creation by master Japanese treehouse builder Taka, author of Treedom: The Road to Freedom.Temple of the Blue Moon  designed by Pete Nelson   Driftwood Egg TreehouseAnother unique Taka creation is the Driftwood Egg TreehouseFinca Bellavista TreehouseFree Spirit SpheresFree Spirit Spheres in British Columbia are designed to...

10 Most Amazing Buildings

This post includes 10 the most amazing buildings.1. Anti-Smog Building, Paris2. Cctv headquarters, China Speaking of unique, the Cctv headquarters in China 3.  Aqua, USA 4. Regatta hotel, Jakarta 5. The Basket Building (United States)6. The Dancing House, Czech Republic7. The Piano House, China8. Kansas City Library, United States 9. The Robot Building, Thailand10. The Crooked House, Poland For more info sources links link1 and link2