bOne Fun Chair


With a playful air, this fun chair is dedicated to all the people that have a sense of humor. The support structure of this fun chair, imitates the human bone structure, it’s tapestry imitates the human skin cells. Just like our skin cells, this seat adapts to every individual’s ergonomics. This tapestry is available in different colors and various materials, the frame also is available in metal or wood, the structural transparency gives to the chair this light, airy feeling. What is great about this fun chair is that you can use it in various ways, and for changing it’s shape, you do not need any fasteners. The entire design is originally combining flexibility, stability and ergonomics. The main inspiration in creating this fun chair was the impact that people have on their environment. The fabric of the cylindrical surfaces are handmade fabrics while the puffy nature of the foam in them leads to the in-utility of fasteners. The name of this chair is “bOne”. We hope you like it.




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