Chair-Hangers by Philippe Malouin


If there is something a student or any newcomer in a big city had to learn in not more than a year of living in a big metropolis is that the key to saving some space in your house is in the use of multitasking furniture. This is the case of the object we want to share with you today: the chair-hangers will help you keep your clothes neat and when not, they will serve you as a booster seat when having some unexpected visitors.
Combining the functionality of the hangers and the folding chairs resulted this unique hybrid: was the idea of Philippe Malouin that is the designer of this pieces. Philippe Malouin is creating a lot of the interesting pieces that can be purchased on his website. Hung in your wardrobe or usual closet, Chair-Hanger not only saves valuable footage in your home, but it gives you reason to rejoice the existence of such great ideas daily. The only downside of these pieces seems to appear if you do not have a closet that is wide enough to store them.