Foldable Gazebox Garage For Your Car


Could you ever think of a foldable garage? These kinds of innovative things do come into existence when a genius mind blends utility with creativity. This Gazebox garage is a foldable garage. This is like a carport or a gazebo that is a foldable cover system for your car. It has the polycarbonate panels which protect your car from the harmful UV rays. It also has the standard LED lights and a remote system. That is, you can operate this garage with a remote. This is a minimalistic design that saves a lot of space and is well equipped to hold your vehicle.

It also has air conditioner, theft alarm, and makes this design per se a head turner. If you want to put something unique on display and create a different identity for yourself in your neighborhood, then you can use this foldable garage. This looks more like a sci-fi fantasy Star Trek kind of a deal. Ultra modern in its design and functionality, you will be happy that you will not have to place your car in the banal looking garage. This small, niche, unique design seems to provide a protective shelter for your car against theft and bad weather.

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