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17 Decoration Ideas That You Want To Apply Immediately

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What if we decorated our house ourselves? We think everyone has an interior designer out of it. Now we are here with decoration ideas that will inspire you. Everything was done by the host and it was perfect.

1. How the atmosphere of the environment has changed with small touches. Your room can get a completely different look just by changing the carpets and pillows.

2. By hanging photos on the walls like this, a colorful image is provided and looks great!

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3. Objects fastened with black iron make the room look very different. Using a flat lamp like this, you can make it look very different 🙂

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4. Before decorating, it is necessary to learn the “1-3-5” rule. So what is this? Keeping similar accessories together provides a nice view.

5. Do you have small unused pillows? It doesn’t stand in a corner, you can cover it with cloth and print different numbers or signs.

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6. You can place old and favorite pictures on the console. Make sure it will look so different! You will also make nostalgia 🙂

7. If you are going to build a photo wall, you need to sketch it out first so it’s perfect.

8. If the walls of your house are old and the pictures do not stand properly, you can hang them differently as in this photo and the problem disappears.

9. Changing the color of a wall will make you feel like you’ve gone somewhere different from the room.

10. If you want to decide on a color of your decoration ideas, take some white paper with you while you go shopping and try them all.

11. Once you have chosen the color and tried it on the wall, you should wait for a while and see the color change because it does not look like you applied it first.

12. When you have just moved somewhere, first gather all the furniture in a room and start decorating there. It will be easier for you.

13. Do you hate your old furniture? Take paint and paint. You like it now don’t you 🙂

14. You cover the chairs with a fabric you do not use, and you wrap the table with different papers. Here is a different table chair.

15. Choose the large sofas from natural colors and color the atmosphere with accessories.

17. If you didn’t get any antique items, you can paint any item. Very cute 🙂

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