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18 Kitchen Tricks and Small Appliances You Must Have

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Taking kitchenware has always been a wise investment. This is the case because you will think that while cooking at home ,the goods you bought  must be under your hand. Even people who spend a lot of time cooking will notice that things make it easier. In this post we collected 18 kitchen tricks and small appliances that will make your work easier.

For those who like to cook, separating the egg yolk and the whites can be quite a problem. Now with this silicone and colored fish you will be able to easily distinguish between . It looks easy, doesn’t it?

Who could say No to this incredibly designed pan? These egg holders are made of silicone and do not harm the pan any way. Especially ideal for families with children.

This fun slicer will will make your kids excited. You can slice your bananas with this handy banana-shaped slicer. In this way you can establish a bond with your child in the kitchen.

If the stripping is up to you, you do not have to sullen it immediately. This potato Express does not just slice potatoes. You can use it with all the fruits and veggies thanks to the easy to set up robot arm.

Do you hate knives? This is very difficult for you and you do not want it in the kitchen. But it’s good that we have our herb scissors. With the help of scissors, you can easily cut grass.

Every time you press this tool, you will be able to use it where you want half a teaspoon sugar. In this way you can calculate how much sugar someone consumes. It also helps you to adjust the doses you will use in this way and gives you consistency in every calculation.

This scoop is very nice. The Loch Ness monster is given the name of the handicraft. They are designed to be able to stand easily when you put them on the table. At the same time their light colors will provide the same clarity to your kitchen.

This will be perfect for people who love to drink tea. This little sea urchin will sit right on your glass and it will make tea perfect without exception.

These economical spoons similar to the Swedish pocketknife are really nice. It will be a great gift for your friends who love to cook very much.

This will be very useful in your kitchen and will save you space that you can make more with it. This 9-piece set; 2 mixing scoops, stainless steel skimmer, strainer, and a set of cups and spoons.

This calculator spoon is really amazing. It is fully digital and provides a consistent measurement from 28.3 grams to 283 grams. This intelligent measure keeps a record of how much you have put in. Thanks to this shaped rolling pin, it will make things even easier as it will shape the pastry. When spinning the dough, you can create shapes that are ready for cooking. At the same time, you will also be tied with your little daughter in the kitchen  because they have shapped rolling pin for kids too.

A multi-purpose cutting board is a must for every kitchen. Thanks to this, you will be able to carry what you have sliced with it.

You have limited space in your kitchen counter? Then this Plus Cutting Board is for you. With this you will be able to use your kitchen area more conveniently.

This will definitely be a warm gift for your neighbors. This piece is a cutting board with a container. This attachment is foldable so you can easily store them without taking up too much space.

This unique cutting board feature is that you can easily attach your tablet to it and place the blades under it to give you a safer environment. You can get it as a gift at the same time.

If you look for recipes from internet, this is certainly handy for you. While you are cooking, this tablet will let youto follow the recipe. It will be great for your kitchen.

This precious stone-shaped silicone ice-cube will be nice for your drinks. Especially helpful for parties and cool cocktails. It will be a fancy piece for your kitchen.

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