Snorkel Mask That Lets You Breath Normally

Snorkeling is a popular recreational practice of swimming on or through a body of water, equipped with swim fins and a diving mask that is like a shaped tube called snorkel. There are cases, like cold water, when a wetsuit is needed. All the equipment is meant to allow you to study and observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment, for a longer period and with almost no effort. You can practice snorkeling in tropical resorts and scuba diving locations. Snorkelers usually wear the same mask that scuba divers do. The main thing is for it to enable the wearer to see clearly underwater.

Therefore, snorkeling is not difficult to master, but only breathing through your mouth might get hard on you. The scuba diving masks usually consist of the leses or faceplate, a comfortable skirt that encloses the nose, and a head strap. All of these are normally made of silicone and rubber. Today we want to share with you this Easybreath mask that is meant to make you a pro in snorkeling, for it lets you breathe as if you were not underwater, thanks to the design that lets your mouth and nose open so you can breathe normally and the system that is double air-flow ensures the quick removal of the air you exhale, without fogging up while you are underwater. While the mask is completely submerged there is a special valve that seals on the snorkel tube that always stays above the water, preventing from gulping down any water.  Via[tribord]





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