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Leave Me Alone Sweater


There are many kinds of statements that one can make with their dresses, and most of them are to do with the fashion of that day. However, if you ever feel the need to scream at the world that you want to be left alone, then you should look at the solution from Ruth Grace. She offers you a sweater, perfect for any winter day, that shouts “Leave me alone!”

In the words of Ruth, the sweater is not just a piece of clothing but is a statement in itself. It is designed such that you cannot see anything outside and neither can anyone see your face. You can either wear it as the leave me alone sweater covering your face or with a cowl on the neck or just as an off the shoulder piece. It is your choice to choose what you want it to be!

Leave Me Alone Sweater By Ruth Grace

Leave Me Alone Sweater By Ruth Grace
More info: Ruth Grace | Betabrand


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