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How to Make Pallet Hanging Lounge Swing

I’ve always loved swing — I mean who wouldn’t love the pleasure it affords. Whether children or adults, the swing is something we’ve all wanted to sit on and relax at one time or the other. But, why make boring swings when you can create something far more comfortable and beautiful, something that affords more luxury than your normal swings? The Pallet Hanging Lounge is what we’re talking about.

This is not the first time we’re writing a guide on how to make this type of luxury swing. Here is an extensive guide on how to make swings in new and beautiful ways. We’ve always advised our readers to skip the norm and go for something more fulfilling. The bottom line is this: Don’t make the custom swings, make something more beautiful like the Pallets Hanging Bed.

We will be showing you how to construct a beautiful Pallet Suspended Lounge Swing! This swing was first brought to our attention by Greg Anderson.

Greg’s  Lounge Swing is something else. It naturally adds luxury to your garden, and you’ll be quite surprised when you are through with it. It comes with an impressive ceiling where jar lantern can be suspended. You can also make a little box on it to hold your stationery. There’s no limit to what you can make with this swing; you just have to think creatively. This will inevitably become a hit this summer, and we are glad you’re among the first persons that will put this up in their garden.

You can be as creative as you want when making this Lounge Swing. You can add as many luxuries to it as you want. Adding some kind of transparent fabric over the head to form a fragile canopy for hot, summer nighttimes in the backyard will surely be a good idea and one you should try.

How to Make Pallet Hanging Lounge Swing
How to Make Pallet Hanging Lounge Swing by IAmGregAnderson


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