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The Low Country by Designer Cottages


On today’s menu we have the most beautiful country tiny house. It is called Low Country Tiny House. Drawing inspiration from the marshlands of South Carolina, The Low Country by Designer Cottages was designed with southern living in mind. The 464-square-foot “shotgun cottage” includes a large porch with bracket supports and hand-carved rafter tails, natural poplar bark siding, and cedar shake shingles.

When you enter inside, you will notice the nice spacing that is the key element to have when you make a house like this. You want to feel free inside, and to have fresh air. Moreover, all the windows from both sides make this feeling even greater. In addition, there is plenty of daylight coming in.

The kitchen in The Low Country Tiny House is big and tidy. Everything is where it should be. Moreover, the color combination is perfect for a country home. There is a stainless steel refrigerator, large pantry, washer/dryer and a freestanding range.

Beyond the kitchen, you can find the office space. It has lower and upper cabinets and a nice desk. Across from the office is the bathroom with a flush toilet, tile shower/tub and vanity.

However, the master bedroom is on the far end of the house. It has TV, nice and big bed and few images on the walls.


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