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2023 Color trends

2023 Color Trends: 9 Suggestions for You

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We are all familiar with the color of the year announcements. Even if you are not working in the fashion or design industries, you will be exposed to such information. Because, whenever you look, you will see definite colors. For example, at the windows of the shops, you will see these colors. In addition, you will see advertisements on TV or on the internet. Since the 1800s, every year companies show us the color palette. So, there is no way out! With the thought of helping you with your paint colors this year, we compiled 2023 color trends for you. According to the trends of this year, you can paint your walls.

It is encouraging for us to see transformative colors in our homes. When we love the hue of the paint, we are more likely to spend time in our homes. You can pick a color hue that makes you feel the greatest for your house. However, for some, a little help is better. In order to get inspired about the 2023 color trends, keep reading!



You do not have to paint all of your walls citrus. A small area of citrus will cheer up your place. If you paint a wall, or some part of a wall, with citrus, you will not get overwhelmed with the density of color. If you paint a specific area with citrus, you may define a space for energy, calm, joy, and so on.


citrus color trend


Rust is one of the most attractive colors of color trends for 2023. Red is always considered a feminine color. But if you combine this reddish brown color with Dijon yellow or green, you may create an inclusive area. Besides, the area you used rust, will be the most elegant place at your house.



Color trends change every year. But neutrals are stable colors almost for all years.  This year, neutrals combined with warm hues are on top. If your eyes are looking for peace and stability, neutrals will be there for you. But please note that “neutral” does not mean only white or beige. You can pick an undertone of a color, and it can become a neutral hue.


Neutral colored sofa  

Brown Ochre

Brown ochre is also a neutral color, which gives security and comfort. This year’s color trends consist of lots of warm neutrals like brown ochre. This color will create both an authentic and modern atmosphere in your house.


Brown ochre color tone


Neutrals or shades of blue are always popular colors. But, this time let us appreciate the attractivity of beige-blush hue. This color stands for empathy, affection, and support! It is one of the joyful colors of nature. The paint color trends for this year will proudly include beige-blush.


beige blush accessories

Saturated Hues

The paint color trends for 2023 are a little surprising this time around. Generally, saturated colors are not preferred as paint colors. because saturated colors can sometimes be exhausting. But this year, saturated hues found in nature, from tropical flowers to carbon, will be in our homes. The designers say that saturated hues will absorb negative energy and give the room a cozy look.


Saturated hues in color trends

Lauren Pressey

Jewel tones

The 2023 color trends are really inspiring. This year, we will see jewel tones such as amethyst, emerald, or ruby everywhere. The designers states that jewel tones spread an elegant moodiness to the room. So, we think you should think about adding some jewel tones to your house.


Jewel toned cabinet

Palladian Blue

Always remember this: blue will always be among the most popular colors. Yes, the shade may change, but blue will always be stable. Palladian blue is a mixture of blue and green that is not too blue or too green. It is the perfect combination of both. As Palladian blue brings earthy energy and tones, this color may be one of the favorites of the 2023 color trends.



Among all these joyful, energetic colors, you were not expecting to see black in the color trends of 2023, right? This year, black will be used generally on doors, cabinets, etc. The glossy black will give an elegant look to the doors. But remember, it requires expert application in order to get the perfect look.


Black front door


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