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Get Ready For Your Home Decoration Journey


It is great to move to another house. A new house will bring you refreshment, energy, and hope for bright days. However, home decoration may be a little frustrating. Especially if you are not an expert. We are sure you would like to reflect your personal style. Then, do it well and create a comfortable house for yourself and your family. For perfect home decoration, all you need is planning. Do not choose your items, colors, or furniture randomly. Make a good plan. Remember that you will not be alone in this journey. We made a list that we think will help you in deciding on your interior design. 


Living room example

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How to Decorate My Home?


Start with the front door 

The first impression is very important in human relations. Thus, the first impression of the objects we see is also important. In order to reflect the nice energy of your home decoration, you can paint your front door with a joyful, glossy hue. For example, red is one of the colors considered a lucky color in many cultures. Red also means “welcome” in early America. So, red can be your new front door color. 

In addition to red, orange and yellow can be selected for the front door color. Because both colors give joy and warmth. But you do not need to select colors according to their meaning. You can choose your favorite color as well. This way may make you feel better while your home decoration process. 


Colorful front door



Paint your walls

The color of your walls is important for your whole home decoration journey. While painting your walls, you should stick to neutral colors such as beige, light gray, cream, etc. Because neutral colors will never out-date. In addition, neutral colors feel your rooms larger.  


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Choose your furniture

Decorating and furnishing a house is the best part. But, choosing the right furniture can be a little tricky. In order to choose the right one for your home decoration, firstly you should define your style. For example, decide if you like classic or modern furniture. 

Secondly, you should think about the functionality. For this step, you should analyze your needs. For example, you may need a couch that can be bedded at the same time for your guests. Do not forget to measure your rooms and your possible furniture. If your furniture does not fit in your room, you may regret it. 


Thirdly, you should decide which color tone can be suitable for your house. The color of the floor can be a leading point for you. Your furniture should match your floors. This step is very important for perfect home decoration.  


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Organize your living room

While organizing your living room, you can get some help from hotel decoration. At the hotels, we see that furniture is placed as if they invite you to start a conversation. The sofa always faces the chairs. You can cheat and place your furniture as in the hotels. So, your furniture should have a “U” shape. This way, you will create a warm atmosphere.

Secondly, do not push your furniture to the walls. Most people think that pushing the furniture to the walls makes the room feel larger. But unfortunately, this is not true. Therefore, during home decoration, you should place your furniture away from the walls in order to make your room feel larger.


furniture organization



Choose the right curtains for your kitchen

Do not choose heavy, outdated curtains for your kitchen. Instead, you can leave your windows naked which is better than outdated curtains. The window dressing should be elegant and functional. You can choose light-colored curtains for your kitchen so that they will not fade. The fabric of the curtains should be cotton, silk, and linen. These fabrics tend to hang well. 


kitchen curtain



Get the right rug 

Rugs are the crownless royals of home decoration ideas. Before going to a shop to buy a rug, first, you should measure the space you would like to cover. Later, decide which type of rug can be suitable for your furniture. While at the shop, you should check the fabrics of the rugs you would like to buy. Silk, cotton, and wool are a bit expensive but they are more durable when compared to synthetic materials.  If the size, type, and fabric are suitable for you, you can buy the rug and place it where it belongs. 


perfect rug




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