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21 Creative and Modern Bookshelves

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1. Icelandic Tree

Designer: Maria Yasko

2. Books On Earthquakes

 Designer: Smansk

3. USA Bookshelf

Designer: Ron Arad

4.Between Lines

5. Crash

Designer:  Rainer Mutsch

6.Wave Shelving

Designer: Julien Vidame

7. Pulse Bookshelf

Designer: Måns Salomonsen

8.Movement Bookcase

Designer: Sungmin Hong

9. Chaos Theory For Books

Designer: Kim Ji-hye

10.Second And a Half Dimension Shelves

Designer: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

11. Hanging Books

Designer: Marianne van Ooi

12. When a Room Has No Rules

Designer: Andreas Hegert

13. Roll Up With a Good Book

Designer: Zhdanova Irina

14. The Line King

Designer: Aykut Erol

  15. Polar Bear Shelf

Designer: Ibride

16. Rill

Designer: Maria Yasko

17. Bee

Designer: Maria Yasko

18. Milky Waterfall

Designer: Maria Yasko and Igor Marisko

19. Bookwave Hanging Storage

Designer: Julien Vidame

20. Collapsing Bookshelf

Designer: Parsy Debon

21.  Bookshelf With a Bench

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