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3 DIY Maintenance Tips for Frugal Homeowners

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There are a dozen things that can go wrong in your home on any given day. Taking care of a home is a lot of work, but it’s satisfying work if you know how to do some common maintenance tasks on your own. And you can save yourself some cash for the days when a professional might be necessary. Gather your know-how and follow the tips to tackle these three routine maintenance jobs.

Clean your furnace burners and evaporator coils

Your furnace is a valuable piece of machinery. Service it regularly to prevent issues from ordinary wear and tear. Between your scheduled technician visits, clean your furnace burners and evaporator coils to prevent grime and dirt buildup that can interfere with performance.

First, disconnect the power and gas supply. Remove the metal housing protecting the burners and then remove the burners. Use a stiff-bristled cleaning brush to sweep off the dirt and dust in the chamber, then use a moist cloth to clean the sides of the chamber. Brush and wipe the burners then return them to the chamber and re-attach the cover.

Remove the cover for the coils and use your brush to take off dirt and debris off the coils. Spray the coils with furnace cleaning spray and leave on for about five to 10 minutes, and then wipe it off gently with your cloth. Replace the cover and you’re done. Reconnect the power and gas supply.

Remember to also check your air filter. Change it every 30 days to keep your air flow clean and prevent your furnace from struggling to push air through a dirty filter.

Clean your gutters

This is an easy job that doesn’t take too much technical skill. But it can save you thousands of dollars by preventing ice dams and drain blockage or major structural leaks. Leaves, seeds from trees, animal nesting, and other debris can gather in your gutters through the seasons and after storms. Spread a tarpaulin on the ground. Climb on a sturdy ladder and remove the debris by hand, dumping it on the tarpaulin below. Use ladder stabilizers if necessary. You can use a leaf blower to make it easier. When you’re done, use your garden hose to flush out smaller debris.

Caulk Your Windows

If you’ve detected air leaks in the unmovable parts of your window frames, seal those leaks with caulk. That will save you a lot of money in energy bills and prevent heat loss from your home. Gather all the right caulking materials. Clean and dry the area before application. Hold the gun at a 45-degree angle and apply the caulk in one straight continuous motion. Press the trigger gently to control the flow and apply caulk to all the window frame joints, and in the joints between the frame and the wall, if necessary, making sure that the caulk completely fills the visible cracks.

There are many other house maintenance tasks that will help you take care of your home. These three tips are a great place to start. Do each job carefully and remember to pace yourself and plan ahead.

Image via Flickr by acodring

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