34 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching


We always have muscle-related problems, especially office jobs are taking a toll on people’s’ necks and backs. Therefore it is so important to stretch every day. Whether in the morning, at work, during a coffee break or after work, a proper stretching relaxes and reduces the pain. Besides stretching, breathing also would have an important part in stretching. All you have to do is concentrate on having a natural exercise-flow throughout. Below self-explanatory images showcase the impact of a particular exercise on a specific muscle group. Take a look to learn more about the muscle groups you’re exercising while stretching. Spread the love with your friends. 🙂

1. Camel Pose  / 2. Wide Forward Fold

3. Frog Pose  / 4. Wide Side Lunge Pose

5. Butterfly Stretch  / 6. Forearm Extensor Stretch

7. Lateral Side Flexion of the Neck  / 8. Neck Rotation Stretch

9. Neck Extension Stretch  /  10. Lateral Side Flexion of the Neck with Hand Assistance

11. Half Kneeling Quad / Hip Flexor Stretch  //  12. Forearm Extensor Stretch

13. Lateral Shoulder Stretch  /  14. Standing Assisted Neck Flexion Stretch

15. Lat Stretch with Spinal Traction  /  16. Lat Stretch at the Wall

17. Child’s Pose  /  18. Standing Calf Stretch

19. Front Split  /  20. Seated Forward Fold / Seated Toe Touch

21. Single Leg Forward Bend /  22. Deep Squat

23. Seated Half King Pigeon Pose /  24. Standing Calf Stretch at the Wall

25. Lateral Flexion at the Wall /  26. Supine Twist

27. Lateral Flexion with a Dowel /  28. Triangle Pose

29. Chest Stretch at the Wall /  30. Assisted Chest Stretch

31. Seated Half Pigeon Variation / 32. Supine Shoulder External Rotation Stretch

31. Seated Half Pigeon Variation / 32. Supine Shoulder External Rotation Stretch

Source lifehack.org