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3D Printed Architecture

3D Printed Architecture? Interesting Designs by Studio RAP 

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Studio RAP is an architectural design company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and uses very interesting and revolutionary methods in their designs! Moreover, they interestingly use the help of robotics in designing their architecture. Furthermore, we can see 3D printing, use of algorithms and more in their designing processes.


Of course, they also use human help in their designs in the form of their teams of architects, designers, researchers, roboticists and programmers. The combination of the latest robotics and 3D printing technologies combined with human architects definitely provide some interesting results! Let’s take a look at some of their 3D printed architecture works…

photo credits – Studio RAP

3D Printed Architecture of New Delft Blue

Historic city of Delft is home to this extraordinary looking passage. The passage’s decorations were designed and built by Studio RAP. The company 3D printed all of the blue ceramic tiles! Using the latest technologies, the company was able to create the stunning passage. The team used the help of 3D clay printing, computational design, and artisanal glazing in this project. Seeing 3D printed architecture examples sure is interesting as well as promising. Although, it seems much different from printing little objects in your room, it kinda is not! The work principle is very similar…3D Printed Architecture

Ceramic House in Amsterdam

P.C. Hooftstraat, which is a very luxurious shopping street in Amsterdam is home to one of Studio RAP’s ongoing projects. The RAP Studio team is decorating a boutique located in this very street using algorithmic design and 3D printing technologies. Thus, the design of this building is very interesting and unique. Also, it is natural as such cutting-edge technologies are in use in its decoration process. The company is providing the boutique with ceramic tiles and red bricks which are all 3D printed… 3D printed architecture sure is interesting, let’s see what the future shows us…

3D Printed Architecture


Photo credits – Studio RAP

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