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5 Unusual Nursery Designs

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Country style nursery for little girl

How to decorate a nursery

I love to decorate children’s rooms. This is very interesting and fun. Although in my head immediately comes to mind that the girls have to be room in pink and boys – in blue, there are many other ways to arrange child’s room.

Classic style nursery for little boy
In any case, not settle for something ordinary for nursery! Create something unique!Do you want to learn how to decorate a nursery? First, this is the place, where will develop a child’s personality, a place where it is best to show up on his behalf. Although the colours of children can be the same scale of the house, it does not always look perfectly.
Modern nursery with white crib
If you prefer neutral tones for nursery, you can ensure that your son is a sky-blue suit, and his daughter – red. The choice of wall color is a very important point, but do not be afraid that someone will criticize you.
There are many sources where you can find inspiration and ideas on how to decorate anursery, and now some of them.

Pink nursery decorated with wall stickers
Pictures can set the tone for the nursery. Start with your favorite photos, bright posters, and fanciful paintings, painted in watercolor. You should not stick to the theme of childhood only because it is a children’s room. No! Even copies of classic paintings by Monet and Degas could be the starting point for the entire interior of the room.

Luxury nursery with marvelous ceiling decoration

Every child loves to be in a nursery that reflects their interests. Puppets, pirates and airplanes are the perfect theme for your child. Bring these motifs in decoration – paint theceiling as if it clouds, set the lamp with propeller planes put on a special shelf. (On the live insects is better not to think!) Must be a lot of shelves and empty space on the walls – the child himself will fill it.

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