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Orange County Luxury Homes, With energy efficiency and green technologies at the forefront of everyone’s minds we’re all thinking about how we can improve the green performance of our homes. The usual methods of improving heat retention with double glazing and insulation as well as the possibility of utilizing some green technologies such as boilers are something we can all do. However, when it comes to building a new home, take a look at these magnificent green design masterpieces. Combining such luxury with such energy consciousness is a real achievement.
Crossway: Kent, England
This magnificent four bedroom family home is essentially one large timbrel vault and is situated in the lush Kent countryside. It was built with minimizing the need for gas, water & electricity in mind whilst being light, airy and spacious at the same time. As well as using local materials and tradesmen to benefit the immediate area, it was ensured that green targets were met through the use of the highest quality insulation, triple glazing, and total airtightness. Its design really is unique, the interior is magnificent and it’s totally carbon neutral!Lux et Tepidus: Toronto, Canada
This stunning 3500 square foot home is even aligned slightly out of joint with the passing street for better solar energy alignment, the exterior is constructed of structural insulated panels and all interior partitions made of wood-stud. A south facing, massively glazed wall maximizes light and solar heat entering the house straight onto a slate-covered masonry wall which provides thermal mass as well as looking stunning! This is a truly striking & luxurious property both inside and out and the eco features are engrained perfectly within the design.Woods End: Norfolk, England
Set in two acres of woodland in the Norfolk countryside, this impressive 3000 square foot eco-home was the 2009 winner of TV competition ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’. Built from the ground up by Amanda Barrington, the home costs only £500 a year to heat and fully utilizes solar gain as well as the stunning woodland landscape and passing stream to do so. The simple & modern yet homely style of both the build and the interior fit the surroundings perfectly and it has won many designs, architectural and green awards. This luxurious yet energy efficient project works seamlessly and is definitely worth the title of Britain’s best home.Heather’s Home: Weatherford, Texas, USA

This amazing eco-build was the first home in the state of Texas to receive LEED for Homes Platinum Certification and amazingly for Texas, the heating/cooling bill averages only $20 to $30 a month! Built at around $117 per square foot, the house features numerous green technologies including a rainwater collection system and a water heater that needs no tank and is powered by rooftop solar panels. Again the interior is stunning and all the eco-features are seamlessly engrained, another perfect example of luxury and sustainability working hand in hand.
The Costa Mesa Green Home: Orange County, California, USA

Another home to be the first to receive Platinum Certification, this time it’s a first for Orange County in California. At a massive 5000 square foot, it is the largest and possibly most luxurious of those featured and exceeds the local-energy efficiency targets by a massive 40%! This stunning green project has optimized solar orientation and is built with sustainable materials throughout. It also features numerous energy efficient technologies including intelligent ventilation, a state-of-the-art green HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system, and energy star lighting. Creating energy efficiency in such a massive, contemporary and luxurious property is definitely a remarkable achievement.
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