A Fantastic Shopping Mall Designed by Kengo Kuma


Kengo Kuma and Colleagues (KKAA) has finished a development in J that integrates a shop, a cafe, and a variety of outside activities. Designed for a snow top, an out of doors way of life emblem, the shopping mall aka “landstation” targets to catalyze the industrial construction of Hakuba. A village within the Japan Alps that hosted the 1998 Iciness Olympics. The challenge follows a cell house that Kengo Kuma designed for Snow Top in 2016. When you first lay your eyes on the building, its design surely catches the eye.

KKAA says that the large roof of the snow peak’s ‘landstation’ reflects the silhouette of Hakuba’s three mountain peaks. Meanwhile, the distinctive wooden framework was designed based on an image of tree branches and snow crystals. The framework is surely one of the striking design choices of the building. Combining different elements of nature in one design while reflecting the area’s spirit.

Interior of The Shopping Mall

Internally, the shopping mall is divided into sections using the same type of fabric that is used for tarps, while the timber elements continue inside the building to give visitors the feeling of being on an outdoor excursion. We can see that the intreior has a look that is combination of both minimalistic and traditional design trends. The color white is quite dominant in the interior design. Which gives the place a minimalist and a clean look. The wooden elements and the floor designs add a traditional look which completes the unique design of the interior.

On the grounds of the building, wooden trailer houses allow visitors to camp on site. So, we can see that the designers use all the space available for maximum functionaliy. The building sure looks interesting in terms of its design. At the same time it allows for different activities and provides a place where people can socialize.