A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA


We have always come across buildings that are tall and four-cornered. Wherever you go about, you will find every housing complex structured like regular buildings. But Bromley Caldari Architects can give a new shape to your private home that will not only look modern but will also let you fall in love with it. It is known as A-Frame Re-Think Residence.

This structured home consists of wide sliding windows that allows an abundance of skylight to enter the house and will brighten your home. These windows provide the extensive view of nature. Even at night your house will illuminate due to natural light. You will love to watch the rains falling over these window panes. In fact, the A-framed house lets you enjoy the beauty of nature, even when you are inside your home.

A master bedroom added by the architects will have doors made of hazy glasses, which are inclined sideways, to let you have your privacy in style. The staircase archway from ground floor to your master bedroom.

As you travel to the uppermost floor the room size gets smaller. The architects accommodated this space with minimal furnishing to let the size of the room get adequate space and not look clumsy.

A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA 2 A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA 3 A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA 4 A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA 5