Amazing A-Frame Cabins


A-Frame cabins can quickly become one of the most recognizable architectural styles in the world. They’re the face of glamping, offering renters a perfect balance between luxury amenities and off-grid immersion. Aside from the fact that they’ve helped to redefine what society understands as a true bucket-list experience, they’re also relatively chic, embodying old-time character, and capitalizing on pine-country coziness.

We love a classic A-Frame. So, we’ve scoured the internet and found the 15 best A-Frame cabins for rent across a dozen US states. Enjoy.

This is not the setting of a horror series—the town from the show is fictional, fortunately. Instead, this Airbnb’s twee little town is what Taylor Swift fans would call cottage core. Also, it even originated as a strawberry farm.

The cabin itself is as cute as its location. The host describes the accompanying treehouse as a “fun timber fort.” Yes, you read that right, and should absolutely bring your kids here. Additionally, other features suited to families in this two-bedroom include a big backyard, a fire pit, and three Apple TVs loaded with Netflix and Hulu.

Filled with vintage Fritz Hansen and other notable furnishings imported from Scandinavia and Southern Europe. This carefully curated upstate New York A-Frame is a real gem.

Located just two hours north of NYC, it sits on a dozen private acres and is a great basecamp for exploring the greater Hudson Valley. So, the house offers an experience in the nature while being not far from the city. Best of both worlds!