Amazing Bulb Table by Joseph Walsh


For those of you that are not familiar with the term: “bulb”, today we will bring some new information concerning it. In botanics, the bulb is a short stem with fleshy leaves that have the role of food storage organs while dormancy. In it’s center you can find an unexpected flowering shoot or a vegetative growing point. The plant growth actually happens from this basal plate upwards, while the roots start from the underside of it. Some species of bulbs, like Tulipa or Narcissus have this protective layer over it, called “tunic”. Thanks to this tunic this gets to be a plant that enters into the “nature forms” that inspire a lot of artists into creating according to the Art Nouveau style, with simple clean lines describing any type of plant or flower.
Joseph Walsh is an Irish designer that uses natural wood for creating his ideas. Not a very unusual or inovative thing until now, you will say. But if you study for a moment the beautiful products that Joseph designed, you will be amazed on what you will realize.
The furniture he designed is not only inspired from nature’s gifts, because it will manage to speak to you about the comunication that exists between the artist and the material he works with. Since the curves of his wooden products are so clean and sophisticated in the same time, we have to say he could get the trees obedient and flexible. His secret is actually slicing the wood into very thin pieces that are pliable and leave the posibility to bend as much as needed. A simple technique that is nevertheless time consuming, but in the end you can enjoy such beauties in your lifestyle as this adorable bulb table.