Amazing Floating Skate Ramp


Have you ever thought about skating on a floating ramp while enjoying the beautiful surroundings? Professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist surely did, because he made his dream come true. The floating ramp is installed on Lake Tahoe in California and it took a lot of time and engineering to make sure that it won’t sink. It took more than 300 manual hours and 1250 screws to make this floating ramp idea come true. This 7,300 lb ramp was specially created for Dream 365 Project to promote tourism in California. The goal of this project was to show the beautiful places the area has to offer and encourage the people to go outside and inspire other people to dream big. The pictures are absolutely amazing and show what immense treasures has Lake Tahoe to offer for it’s visitors. The design team was led by Jerry Blohm and Jeff King and even if water and skate doesn’t make a perfect pair, this still looks insanely awesome.