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Ori Living Provides An Effortless Way to Transform Space

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If you live in a small house, you must make the most of every inch for maximum functionality, as well as peace of mind. Ori is a smart space company that’s been rethinking how people live with multifunctional, robotic-powered solutions that increase usable square footage. Their designs pack two for one. Just like their latest which goes from living room to bedroom in 30 seconds by hitting a button, swiping a finger or a voice command. The Cloud Bed Sofa Edition  hides the bed away above the ceiling in a built-in frame. When it’s time for sleep it easily glides down to the floor disguising the sofa.

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No Wasted Spaces With Ori Living

We often leave ceilings as wasted space. But the Cloud Bed Sofa Edition utilizes it to fit a queen or king bed. Thereby it creates two dedicated spaces within the same footprint. During the day, a three-seater sofa with built-in tables as arms looks streamlined and modern with no signs of the hidden bed. Come nighttime, or whenever you sleep, the bed descends to make a contemporary bedroom.


“The launch of the Cloud Bed (sofa edition) comes at a time when people are spending more time in cramped apartments. Multifamily property owners are looking for ways to optimize and improve the utility, usability, and flexibility of each square foot.”

-Hasier Larrea, founder and CEO of Ori

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You can easily retrofit The Cloud Bed Sofa Edition into existing layouts (with a minimum 8’6″ ceiling height) for an Ori living experience. You can also install them into new builds. They’re available to buy and installation in the North American market. They are flat-packed for assembly on site. It has no permanent components attached in the space so it can be easily assembled or disassembled as needed. Concealed steel rails are anchored to the wall with a hidden counterweight that allows cantilevering of the bed above. Outfitted with smart technology that consists of robotic components so the bed can move up and down. It’s also UL certified with built-in safety features to keep everyone safe. Smart living, is now easier than ever!

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Bedroom Placement Types

Our houses are our individual living spaces separating us from the outside world. As all places outside the house pass through as public spaces, we have no say in terms of their design, their use or their comfort.

Narrow Bedroom Decoration

In our age, we are forced to turn to rational and functional new tactics in the decoration of our houses, especially because of the over-valuing of the land in the city and therefore the flats built on these lands.

How Should The Bedroom Layout Be?

Our first question, of course, should be what the bedroom layout should be. You can answer the details in the answer to this question, but generally, we can draw attention to a few points. When you lie in bed in the bedroom, the bed should not be placed in a window facing you. No matter...