Awesome Bunk Bed Design


For those that haven’t met the term already, a bunk bed is that type of bed with a bed frame that is stacked on top of another. These beds were constructed for making it possible for two people to sleep in the same room, separately, yet maximizing the available floor space. This being said, you would guess these beds were used initially in places with limited floor space, like army garrisons or on ships, or in any other situations where one can desire to maximize bed space: summer camp cabins, prison cells, university residence halls, dormitories, hostels and children’s rooms. A children’s room is the case we want to share with you today.
This room is part of a remodeled Condo that the designer managed to bring to this traditional southern beauty to the beach. Using wood floors that are dark and combining them with all white walls, he managed to bring to the waters shore the feeling of a Southern Plantation home. The main function that was added to the entire Condo was to have as much hidden storage as possible, therefore the bunk beds were a must. We hope you will enjoy the look of it and you will share your opinion. Via[link]