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Balcony Decoration

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One of the most important areas of use in a house is a balcony. People often prefer to spend time in the balcony during the summer months. Balconies and terraces, which are an important part of our lives together with the garden, are the areas where we spend the best time with the people we love. From the accessories to the furniture, the decoration of the balcony is at least as much labor and expense as the inside of the house. How about the balcony decoration at the most affordable price? Of course, by using the waste materials prepared by yourself.

Decorating ideas at home for balcony

The most important details that make the balconies beautiful are flowers and plants.
To cultivate these plants and beautify the space, you need to use the appropriate flower pots. It is also necessary to place these pots properly on the balcony. Plastic bottles of different sizes can be cut, painted and wrapped in colored paper to get a much nicer look than you expect.

Make your balcony more comfortable

Of course, the most comfortable ones are the sitting groups. Do not throw old cotton and fiber cushions. Unscrew the covers of these cushions and empty them all together. Emboss all the fibers and cotton that you have gathered together. Then fill these into a huge cushion cover. The balcony, garden and terrace are the most comfortable complement to the decoration of the large pillows on the floor if you want you can use on the balcony chair.


Corner seating areas show larger space. For this reason, a small corner wood construction product allows four people to sit. The rug environment compatible with a coffee table and cushions can lead to a different mood.


An oval seat that looks like a single seat can fit two people. Used for a more romantic theme. The walls can be added to the walls with wood. Glass lighting accessories will complement the balcony.

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