Beautiful Keemala Resort In Phuket Thailand

If you want to enjoy a day in the woodlands and green pastures of Thailand, then Keemala Resort that is only forty kilometers from Phuket could be one of your travel destinations to go. This is a very unique resort with different style of huts available for accommodation instead of your conventional styled resort. You will find huts in the style of clay, straw, tent, and tree houses. You will also find bird vest villas if you are planning to shell out a bit more cash.

Most of these huts have an outdoor bath and you can enjoy your bath in the warm waters and sunlight. Also, available are rainfall showers and private pools if outdoor bathing does not appeal to you. A day or a week spent by this water side and the lush green of the nature can make you feel rejuvenated. Also, available at this resort are holistic healing activities, such as, massage, and other fitness activities. Your mind and body can feel relaxed in the calm and soothing environment. This resort has wooden flooring and is close to a water body. You will not miss out on enjoying any of the nature related activities. While you enjoy a bath in the streams, you can also take a walk in the nature while you stay at this resort.

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