Best Way to Recondition Cast Iron Cookware


For most people reconditioning cast iron cookwares can be a difficult job, but not anymore. If you are one of the persons who thinks that, you will have to give up to this belief. Studies came out that most of kitchen products that are out there, like non stick pans, emit toxins when they are used, so having and cooking in a cast iron pot is much healthier. But what do you do when you need to clean it? With a few dollars you can amazingly recondition it. What you will need: heavy-duty oven cleaner, gloves, garbage bags, white distilled vinegar and steel wool (#0000). The next thing you want to do is to coat the cast iron piece in the oven cleaner (wear gloves) and leave it to sit for a few days to loosen the old seasoning. Check after 2 days, wipe off the cleaner and add another coat and leave it for another 2 days. Remove the old seasoning with paper towels and wash with hot water. Soak the cookware for 30 to 60 minutes into a mixture of 2:1 solution of hot water and white distilled vinegar. This will soften rust surfaces, then scrub them away with steel wool. Wash again with soap and hot water this time, season it by putting it in a 250-degree oven for 15 minutes, then 500 degrees for 45 minutes, let it cool and apply coating of lard to it. You are done and you can later enjoy cooking!