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Bird’s Nest Restaurant

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We loved this idea we are going to present to you today: a creative yet very unusual restaurant you will most certainly love to visit if you are visiting the surroundings of Thailand. Since forever there is this fascination about ”flying like a bird in the sky” haunting people. If we think about the flying part, we can say there have been found some solutions like base-jumping or skydiving with wingsuits and so on. But not everyone has the courage of taking that kind of risks just to see „what’s it like being like a bird?” Therefore, for the people that can’t go skydiving for various reasons, there is this restaurant that gives you the chance of trying the relaxing and least dangerous part of a bird’s life: sitting in a nest. When visiting Soneva Kirl Eco Resort in Thailand and feel the need to eat and relax, you should definitely try the pods that are about 16 feet above the ground. This pods are actually a huge nest/basket with leather straps, and if you need a refill on your drink, the waiter will fly right in, through the trees, attached to a cable and refill your glass. Useless to speak about the fantastic view you can enjoy! See for yourselves!







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