Bookcase Door by DeForest


This bookcase door is part of a dream home designed by DeForest Architects. Located in the Cascade Mountains, the house which holds this clever door has a lot of stylish features and interesting secret rooms that take you into a different story, a different world. Next to the door sits a reading nook which will host you while reading your favorite books freshly picked up from the shelves of the bookcase. You have to be careful while closing and opening the door because the books might fall out, but looking at the beautiful blend with the room design, it worth the risk. You can creatively use this idea if you want to hide a storage room or a home office. The wooden finishes of the room make such a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that you are charmed by the simplicity and elegance of the overall appearance. You can use this bookcase door not only for storing books on it, but also maybe exposing your favorite toys or as an achievements wall.