Boxabl Casita: Elon Musk’s Transportable Tiny House

Boxabl Casita: Elon Musk’s Transportable Tiny House


There is a new pattern of home construction that is increasingly becoming more prominent in and around  North America. It has not gained much attention among the rich and celebrities but guess who is in love with this new pattern?? The Man Elon Musk. Boxabl is a Las Vegas-based company that is into the mass production of small and affordable units of houses in North America. These houses can be shipped and transported from one part to another. The company started operations in the year 2017. But it took the company until 2020 to start mass production of their products. They are built in the factory and could be molded into shipping containers.

Elon Musk has according to rumors embraced these new housing models, especially after his move from California to Texas. He left California last year because of some policy differences with local regulators. With his successful relocation, he has opted for one of these housing units

Feature of Boxabl housing

The dimensions of these houses vary to a large extent. but one of the commonest dimension sizes is 20×20. The company calls them the Casita model.  The design features of Boxabl is quite different from other regular designs people might be used to, A regular Casita has a distinct design which is flat-pack and may be broken down into smaller dimensions to enable easy transportation to the site it will be needed.

The building is designed to be energy efficient, it makes use of a small air conditioning system for the house, the building also has good insulation and can keep its internal temperature fairly constant.

The materials

The materials used for the construction of these casita models are majorly concrete, steel, and some EPS foam. All of these materials were deliberately used to ensure the house model is durable. As a result, it should not be expected to degrade like every other building as they were carefully built to last for a very long time. It is also interesting to know that despite the casita being a mobile structure, it has demonstrated a great degree of resilience against the hurricane wind. So homeowners might have to worry less about the effect of the hurricane wind. Also because there is no use of wood for the construction of the Casita, there is no need to worry about the damaging effect of water as molds would not develop on it.

Interestingly the building is fire resistant, that is these buildings were engineered to be fire-resistant. This is because both the inside and the outside of the building are constructed with non-combustible materials.

How much cost is involved?

Boxabl’s Casitas are not too expensive, you can get one as low as $50000. But there are other costs involved. You will need to buy land for the casita, you will need to pay for the shipping or transportation of the casita, and there might be a need for some necessary approvals.

Nevertheless, buying one of these buildings would save you a lot of money when you consider the cost advantage in the long run.




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