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How to Build A Bottle Tower Garden

Technology brought many things to our lives. We have smartphones, tablets and we are having face chats which were a dream for all of us thirty years ago. The more we get closer to technology and city life the farthest we got from nature and village life. We eat canned food and even fruits are sliced and canned to make our life easier and faster. However, we lost our health with wrong food consumptions and technology don’t have the app to restore our health back.

That is why we have the organic food industry now. Not more than two decades ago, the vegetables and fruits we grew at our gardens are now sold at the groceries to extreme prices. To avoid paying for overpriced vegetables and foods, people living in apartments started a new trend called “bottle towers”. Bottle towers are containers that can be either a plastic soda bottle or a pot or even buckets. The procedure is very simple. You take 3-4 plastic bottles (soda bottles) and cut the bottoms. Then you make two holes at sides near the top. Fill them with soil and dirt and put them on one another and make a funnel. The last bottle will be used as water container so don’t put soil in it just drill the top a bit so that water can drip into the other bottles slowly. Your bottle tower is all set up now. The last step is to cut the bottles and open a window in the middle to put the seeds or plants.

This futuristic gardening is the new trend among apartment residents who want to grow their own fresh and organic food. I personally choose to pick my food from grocery but if you like gardening and don’t have a garden then here is the easiest method for you.

How to Build A Bottle Tower Garden

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