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Building a Conservatory in Time For The Summer

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If you’re thinking about embarking on a home improvement project now it’s the new year, we think we’ve found the perfect one that will be done right on time for the summer.
Conservatories are a great addition to any home; they’re the perfect way to add more space or update your home without the hassle and expense of moving. Whilst you can use a good quality conservatory all year round, they’re arguably most ideal in the summer as they allow you to enjoy all of the perks of the outdoors whilst you are able to indulge in the perks of being indoors.
When looking into a project of this size, there are a number of things you will be thinking about, especially if you want it in time for the summer. And if the main reasons you are thinking of installing a conservatory includes being able to enjoy a garden style room in the warmer weather, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key things you should be thinking about to ensure you get the very most out of your project.
Aspects to make it bearable in the heat
A main concern people have when installing a conservatory is whether they will be able to use it during the really hot weather, or whether it will be too unbearable in the heat. A number of companies nowadays have developed different technologies to help combat this problem.
Look for companies that offer things such as solar roofing systems, roof venting and specialised glass that contain quality temperature controlling options. You can check these options out at
It’s also worth thinking about the use of your conservatory during the colder winter months, and what aspects the company you opt for can promise you to keep your family warmer during this time of year.
Elements to keep the sun light at bay
To avoid dodging the sun’s rays as you sit back and relax in your brand new conservatory, you may want to invest in some good conservatory blinds to eliminate an excessive amount of sun light entering the room.
Good blinds are not only useful for making the room more comfortable and cooler, but also for helping to protect your conservatory furniture and artwork.
Interior design aspects to consider
As briefly mentioned above, you will want to keep your conservatory furniture protected. If you are strongly set on using your conservatory mainly for the summer, opting for slightly lighter shades of conservatory furniture may be a better option as this will hide the effects of fading better. This will be highly recommended if you do opt for a company that don’t offer the benefits to eliminate this problem as discussed above.
Another interior design aspect to consider for your summer conservatory is a colour theme. You may want to select a bright colour scheme with a heavy usage of white to keep things feeling fresh, airy and summery. Additionally, plant life and flowers is a great additional interior design feature of a garden room and will help things feel natural and tranquil.
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