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Built-in Bookcases

If you feel the need to reinvent one of your rooms, we bring to you an elegant suggestion: some built-in bookcases. You can buy the materials you need from Ikea. These materials are Billy bookcases and Billy bookcase extender shelves. Start by installing the built ins and securing them to the wall. Use some L brackets and corner braces if you need to install an overhang. Make sure you add all the security needed, and use all the corner brackets you think are needed to secure the top of the overhang to the wall. Make sure the tops of your shelves are leveled, if not, use some wood at the ground so that the shelves get to be high enough. For attaching the bookcase to studs in the wall, use the brackets that come with the Billy bookcase. It is the time to cover the L brackets on the overhang by adding some 1×2’s, cutting board to size and then nail that board to the 1×2’s. You can move on to installing the crown by first adding some baseboard to the top, this being the space you can attach lights also. To bring a finish touch, add some trim to the sides and extend the baseboard around the front of the shelves. Add the lights you need at the top of your shelves or at the bottom and you are ready to paint everything in whatever colour it fits your interior design.