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Cardboard sculptures by Olivier Bertrand

Cardboard sculptures by the French artist Olivier Bertrand

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Today, we will tell you the story of a great artist, Olivier Bertrand. The French artist has been creating sculptures out of waste cardboard. His cardboard sculptures were first discovered by the famous animal sculptor Aurelien Raynaud. We are glad that Raynaud discovered Bertrand and inspired him to go on.


Olivier Bertrand working on his cardboard sculpture


Olivier Bertrand is a French citizen who has always been fond of art, drawing, and origami. Although he studied economics and worked as a web designer for years, he eventually started working with cardboard. The artist has created animals, knights, women, and many other cardboard sculptures over the years.



Eurytos /


The artist has been displaying his cardboard sculptures at art shows. We could not count how many art shows he has attended in total. But permanent exhibitions can be listed as Galerie Palmer, Lagalery Fine Arts, Galerie Olympe Et Salomé, Geneva, Demeritte’s Gallery, Galerie Cécile Chiorino, Early Birds Art Gallery, Philippe Heim Gallery, and Studio 33. In June, he will have a personal art show at Saulieu’s Musée Pompon.


Takezo /


Among his cardboard sculptures, animal sculptures are more numerous. Olivier Bertrand has a passion for the environment. The artist states that he chooses powerful animals. It is kind of a dilemma. Because his cardboard can be destroyed easily. But the animals he chooses are real power symbols in the wild. So, can we say that every powerful creature hides a weakness?


Bastet & Aker

Bastet & Aker /


Olivier Bertrand collects cardboard with different thicknesses. To create his cardboard sculptures, he uses thicker cardboard for the frame. The thinner cardboard is for the rest of the body. Olivier cuts cardboard into small pieces and connects them to create a sculpture. Although most of you presume that the sculptures are not durable, the artist uses special resin to make them more durable.


the framework of cardboard sculptures

In conclusion, if you are or will be in France in June, make a visit to Musee Pompon to the works of the promising talent Olivier Bertrand.


Wake up cardboard sculpture by Olivier Bertrand

Wake up /

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