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Carpet Colors for Gray Sofa Set

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Gray is one of the most harmonious colors that would be suitable for your sofa set. After having a sofa set with gray color, next, comes the carpet. What color should your carpet be? There are numerous options you can choose as both individual colors and a mix of several colors. Here, find out some most preferable colors and their reasoning to choose as your carpet.


Gray Sofa Set with Purple Carpet


If you have light gray colored sofas then, purple carpet might be suitable for your room. You can choose that color if you like of course, but purple has some other advantages too! If you have a baby for example, then you need a carpet to hide stains. Therefore, you can go with purple.



Gray Sofa Set with White Carpet


White and gray are always compatible with each other; therefore, you can think white carpet with your gray sofa set. White is also a sign of purity, beauty, and dignity which would make your room much more elegant. The only disadvantage of white would be the stains but if you are all grownups in the home, then, why do not choose a white carpet?



Gray Sofa Set with the Yellow & Pink Carpet


You can also think of the combination of yellow and pink carpets with your gray sofas if you consider yourself a colorful person. The yellow-pink mix is always awesome but when gray joins them, these three colors would be great to see in your sitting room every day.


Gray Sofa Set with Light Green & Black Carpet


The last suggestion for you is the light green black mix carpet. Gray and black are already compatible with each other but using only black would make your room so dark. Therefore, you can consider black with light green. Just imagine and see the harmony of these colors!







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